Ford KTP Cares JDRF Awareness Ride 2012

A group of us met this Sunday morning the 19th of August at the Kentucky Truck Plant on Chamberlain Ln. for the 10 Annual JDRF Ride. We got there around 8 and after saying good morning to some of our fellow riders, headed over to the registration tent to sign in. After signing in, we got our door prize tickets, t-shirts, 50/50 tickets, poker hands, and bought chances on a new Harley Davidson Motorcycle and a new Ford Mustang. Then it was on to the free doughnuts and coffee and taking pictures of all the bikes and riders that had already assembled. After a brief message from the Sheriff's Department (Escorts) and the Road Captain, we then had a prayer before kickstands up at 9am.
Leg #1 of the ride took us 22 miles from the Ford Plant down the Gene Snyder to Bardstown Rd. From the exit we headed out Bardstown Rd. towards Mount Washington and our first stop which was at the BP Five Star on Hwy 44E. While at this stop people could draw their poker hand cards and gas up. There were also volunteer's walking around giving out free chips, crackers, slim jims, and other assorted snacks and hard candies. There was also cold bottled water and soft drinks available for all riders. Then it was time to fire up the bikes for our second leg of the ride.
Leg #2 of the ride had us travel about 25 miles from Mount Washington to the Taylorsville Lake Visitors Center. Turning onto 44E and then back onto Bardstown Rd. we looked as though we were going to Bardstown. But then after about 6 miles we turned onto 48E heading towards Bloomfield. After riding for about 11 miles we turned and  headed out Hwy 55 for another 6 miles to Hwy 2239. From here it was only 1 mile to the Visitor Center entrance at the Taylorsville Lake Overlook. They opened up the Visitor Center for the ride today and it was greatly appreaciated by all the patrons on the ride. Again the volunteers were there with goodies and a table was set up for everyone to draw another poker hand card. After about 40 minutes we were ready to roll on to our next stop.
Leg #3 of the ride then took us from the Taylorsville Lake Visitors Center to the Love's Travel Center in Waddy, Ky.  This leg was close to 36 miles long and had us again on some very nice and scenic Kentucky country roads. Leaving the Visitor Center we traveled down Hwy 2239 for about 3 miles. We then turned onto Hwy 44 (which then turned into Hwy 248) for another 9 miles. From here it was a left onto Hwy 636 for 9 miles. After turning left on Hwy 395 we then had a nice 14 mile section which brought us into Waddy and the Love's Travel Center.  At this stop people again were able to fuel up if they needed. The workers at the Love's even made an announcement over the intercom about what all the bikes were here for and to say thank you for supporting the JDRF.  The volunteers again were ever present asking if anyone needed anything to snack on or drink.Then it was time to head out for the final section of the ride.
Leg #4 of the ride had us leaving Waddy and making our way 12 miles to Shelbyville.  We turned out of the Love's Travel Center onto Hwy 395 and rode for almost 7 miles to Hwy 1005. Making a left onto Hwy 1005 (Vigo Rd) we then went another 5 miles and turned left at our final destination, The Gallrein Farm.
The Gallrein Farm did a great job with the end of the ride. We all parked and were led into our own building with private party signs. They had the room set up with all the tables and chairs for our meal, which consisted of Pork BBQ, Brats, Hot Dogs, Green Beans, Pasta Salad, Fruit Salad, Potato Chips, Cookies, Brownies, Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Water. Everything was well organized from the door prize tables, silent auction tables, and the poker hand board.
A special thanks should go out to all the sponsors and volunteers who put their time and energy into making this such a fantastic ride again this year. Im sorry I dont have a list of names but im sure I would forget someone anyway. This is always one of the best organized and enjoyable rides we do every year. The total count on bikes was about 105 with the total people at the number of about 150. The ride covered just about 95 miles and had everything from highway to curvy back roads, which made it a great day with great weather to ride.